Festival of No Waste

29th Nov 9:30 am - 29th Nov 5:00 pm

Each year has had a different theme and this year the theme is “No Waste", something that we have always been passionate about and as many of you will know Create No Waste is one of the 12 Permaculture Principles.

How to up-cycle clothing

How to use reusable nappies

How to make wax food wrappings

How to Build a worm farm

How to make compost

How to use veggie oil for fuel

How to fix a bike

How to mend socks

How to make crazy musical instruments from rubbish

Venue: Fair Harvest 
 426 Carters Rd, Burnside WA 6285, Australia

Event Times: 9.30am - 5.00pm

Event Entry Price: Free

Event Town: Margaret River


Contact: Jodie Lane 0439 568 131 
Email: info@fairharvest.com.au