Harvey Italian Sausage Sagra

10th Nov 10:00 am - 10th Nov 3:00 pm


The Italian sausage making season is a long time Italian tradition introduced to our community by Italian migrants. The Italian sausage is made from pork meat and most often seasoned with fennel or anise seeds, plenty of salt, varying amounts of chilli and some wine. Sausages are encased in skins and hung to cure until ready for eating although many are also cooked while fresh.

The season requires cool weather for the curing process and is therefore in full swing around July and August. Sausage making is usually a family affair and everyone helps with various chores including the cooking of Italian food for workers, friends and family.  Harvey Community Radio (HCR) and Musica Viva presenters Angela Vitalone and Mimma Morabito decided to reinvigorate the iconic Italian Sausage by creating the Harvey Italian Sausage Sagra.