Sounds Like Harvey

‘Sounds Like Harvey’….. a programme reliving the memories of the past.

The Oral History Society promotes the collection, preservation and use of recorded memories of the past. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

Harvey History on Line, (Previously ‘The Harvey Oral History Group’) have recorded the life stories of many folk in Harvey and surrounding districts and made them available to Harvey Community Radio, 96.5 fm.

These accounts are not necessarily factual but are how interviewees remember them.

As opposed to written accounts, voice recordings help transport the listener into the shoes of the speaker.

For example:

  • The Scot who came to Harvey at 9 years old but never lost his accent.
  • The naïve speech of the fellow who was 40 years in the isolation of the bush.
  • And the descendant of the ‘Landed Gentry’, speaking the ‘Queen’s English’.